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Understanding the value created by engaging our services is essential, as occupancy costs are typically one of the largest expense items for any firm or company. Most landlords have an extensive support system in place, such as listing brokers, property and/or asset managers, architects, general contractors, accountants and attorneys. Each is focused on one goal: achieving the most economically desirable terms on behalf of their client, the landlord. Heiple Travers acts as your support system, assisting you in all facets of the decision making process. With thousands of dollars in savings at stake, you cannot afford to overlook the benefits of engaging professional representation.

We level the playing field between the tenant and landlord, at no cost.

Benefits of engaging Heiple Travers include:

  • Proven track record of structuring innovative approaches in order to facilitate any requirement
  • Free from conflicts of interest, as we do not engage in landlord representation
  • Single point of contact working solely on your behalf
  • Extensive market research, providing in-depth analysis of local and national trends
  • Mitigating risk while maximizing operational efficiency
  • The ability to create a competitive environment among the landlord community
  • Absolutely no cost associated with any services rendered